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by "Stephan M. Ott" <s.m.o(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 7 Aug 1998 11:21:03 +0200
 To:  "mike jackson" <mjackson(at)>
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Hi mike.
Checked your site with

64kb/s (DE-ISDN)
1024x768 @ 24bit
P233 MMX 64MB

Hmm, as I have no idea what exact you are going to sell I got no results out
of the database (or is it still empty ?).
So I tried the help-button and WHAM... IE crashed together with parts of my
Advice: Not every surfer knows what exactly you try to sell, so why don't
you make a list for the card-types you offer ?
And, please, delete parts that don't run clearly before asking for
site-reviews. I don't like it to restart my system after every site-check
Ok, you told that your system crashed, but IMHO this problem is nothing for
HWG-critique. Maybe servers list or something.
Can't say anymore, as I didn't try to visit it twice.


Stephan M. Ott

Webpace-Providing / Webdesign
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Datum: Freitag, 7. August 1998 09:35
Betreff: Need critique/help

>i need help/critique with a site i've been trying to design for a possible
>online store selling Magic: The Gathering singles. here's the thing: i
>debugged the javascript (other than one known glitch on the check basket
>page with the remove buttons) while it was running from my hard drive in
>IE4.01. when i uploaded it to my ISP and ran it from there, it locked up
>i'm darn near at the end of my rope. i may ditch the concept if it doesn't
>work properly. i'd really appreciate any help and critiques you can
>here's the address:
>the javascript runs from external files, so check out search.js,
>allcards.js, and ordering.js for the javascript source.
>:) mike

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