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by "Robert Brisson" <lordmoo(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 9 Aug 1998 20:52:25 -0700
 To:  <hwg-critique(at)>,
"David Gauer" <gauer(at)>
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Well, the first thing I noticed that could do worlds of good is changing the
font and color on the choices under the little logo things on the front
page. [Services, Design Gallery..] It would look much better as a color that
says 'hey, I'm not actually part of the above graphic'. Make it darker (not
necessarily a lot, but enough to differenciate), and try a sans-serif font
[Arial, Verdana...]. In about all of your other pages, where theres to solid
green with black word logos, put a little space between the edge of the
graphic and the the black of the page, it makes me have to hunt to see the
word, which quickly began to mildly annoy me. Just nudge it up and to the
right a few pixels. Unless you're a big fan of times new roman, maybe try a
few other serifs before that one [georgia, garamond...] by using a few
comma-seperated font faces. That way, you can escape the norm for those with
these fonts, distinguishing your page as different from the rest. At
800x600, there's too much scrolling to be done to get to the email and
copyright info on the first page. If you make the email logo small and
squish things a little, you might should be capable of fitting it all
without the scroll bar at 800x600, which is ideal (and still have things
looking good). The first of your gallery is squished into a tiny column that
goes down a long ways(and this happens on the page it speaks of as well). It
looks nothing like the picture you have. IE4/Win98. The spacng between logos
isn't fluent on the resume page...and also try making them not so apparent,
possibly a box around the word with a thin green line extending, or
something. They draw too much attention...I don't think the first E has an
accent mark in resume...Lastly, on the movie review page, try making the
logo a gif rather than a jpg [and play with the histogram if need be] and
see if that can clear the text up is a little blurry. Wow, what a
mouth full ;-)

I liked the site quite a bit! And no...don't let my critique get to you,
just some suggestions.

                Best Wishes,
                R. Brisson
                "640K ought to be enough for anybody."
                 Bill Gates, 1981

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From: David Gauer <gauer(at)>
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Date: Sunday, August 09, 1998 7:43 PM
Subject: Critique request:

>Hello fellow HWG Critique members.
>I've been reading this list for quite some time.  I had alway intended on
>submitting my own site to be picked apart but was never happy enough with
>my design to tempt it.  Well, now I'm ready.  Bring it on and don't hold
>anything back!
>Yes, the rat was drawn by myself, so there are no copyright issues there.
>Also, if you would like to traverse the Entertainment links as well, please
>do.  They are also mine and I would appreciate any comments you might have
>on them (especially the Movie Review site, though there are some sections
>that are under heavy modification and work).
>Thank you very much,
>David Gauer
>P.S.  I did validate the first page with W3C and will probably do the rest
>at some point.

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