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 Date:  Thu, 27 Aug 1998 18:47:39 +0100
 To:  "Lynnsey Skliros" <skliro_l(at)>
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> "This site best viewed at: 1024 X 768 pixels"? Get real! How many people
> have that kind of screen res? I'm still designing for 640x480 - I know a
> few people designing for 600x800, but they're in the minority. Anyway, I
> looked at the whole site at 640x480 and it looked fine. Why restrict your
> audience unnecessarily?

This comment is quite offsetting to your critique, and as such I feel like I
should bring it up. Don't take what I say to heart, I'm just pumping out
solid facts. I'm not disrespecting you in any way.

<home truth mode>

It sounds as if you're quite 'backward' with technology if you think that
1024x768 is a 'Get Real!' resolution. I don't know a single person who uses
640x480 anymore, it's a totally pathetic resolution, even 800x600 is a bit
of a cramp. Recent polls by a number of sites have shown figures at over 60%
of net users using 00x600, 25% use 1024x768 or over, and the remaining 8-15%
use 640x480 etc.

I once held the belief that designing for 640x480 screens was the 'best
idea'. Now, I dont share this view. The majority of people believe that
designing for 800x600 as a bare minimum is now the best approach. Ok, a
number of people still have 640x480. Many e-commerce designers (I know a
few) have said to me (and I dont particularly agree) :  'If they can't
afford a machine that can do better than 640x480 why the heck will they buy
our products?'

</home truth mode>

I personally think designing for 640x480 is a good idea, but tend to go for
800x600 more often to allow for extended creativity. Obviously, it's all
your choice.

However, you are right on one level. People who run at 1024x768 dont
necessarily run their web browsers fully maximised.. I keep mine at about
800 pixels wide.. to allow view of windows behind, other processes (IRC et
al), so keeping to 800x600 seems to be the wise idea at the moment.

Thank you,

By the way, I have a 15" monitor (IBM 2215), and 1024x768-16bit is fine!  If
you cant read it from a couple of feet away you need glasses. Which I just

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