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Actually, the Egyptian505 LT BT font is a Visual Graphics Corporation font,
not MS. Don't be too quick to assume I'm MS-owned (lock-stock-and-barrel)...
I'm not! This font is part of the Corel Web.Graphics Suite.

I will definitely implement the required changes to make the site more
readable, from a font compatibility perspective.

Thanks again.

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I forgot to mention one other important problem. You used a very
specific font: Egyptian505 Lt BT

I would imagine that very few people have that font on their computer.
Further, I'll bet that it is a MS specific font and that no Mac user has
that font. Therefore, few people, if any will see that font on your

You must be very careful when specifying fonts to use ones that are
popular as well as maintaining a backup for those that have other
platforms and use browsers incapable of accepting embedded fonts. Your
command "font face="Egyptian505 Lt BT"> should be better done as:
<font face="Egyptian505 Lt BT,alternative,2nd alternative,Mac
alternative"> Since I don't have Egyptian505 Lt BT, I can't tell you
what the alternatives should be.

MS has released some great "designed for electronic viewing" fonts that
are available for free. Among others, they are Verdana (Geneva for the
Mac) and Georgia (same for the Mac). Verdana is sans serif and Georgia
is a Times replacement. If you are wanting a sans serif look, my
suggestion would be something like this:
<font face="Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica"> This covers most all the
bases and the vast majority will have one or more of those.

Good Luck.

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