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A bit off topic (I'm Canadian), and recently found out that the dollar sign
($), actually is the contraction, and staking of the letter "U", on top of
the letter "S", with one of the sides of the "U" removed. Can't remember
where I saw this tid bit, but the $ is assumed internationally to stand for
U.S. currency.

Just thought you'd like to know this trivia... I'll go back to my den now...

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Those of us coming to visit from outside of the USA are not always aware of
your standards
EG When you say the size is 9x9 is that inches or cm.
Could you please state your prices are in US$. I realise that is obvious for
USA residents, but I live in Australia and I have to constantly remind
myself that $ usually mean US$ and not Australian$ therefore I need to
multiply the price by the current exchange rate (nearly x2 for us Aussies).

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