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by "Stephan M. Ott" <s.m.o(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 10 Aug 1998 00:01:07 +0200
 To:  "Tara" <matttara(at)>
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Hi Tara,
just visited your site and was shocked by the time it took to load.
Checked the graphics and knew why...
The main image is with 27kB much too large.
And the two links at the end of the page with both about 13kB also take some
I also got a Javascript-error on the main page.
Tried to check the chat-page and stopped it after a while (took too long).
I suggest to find a different solution for the main-image.
Oh, just saw that on the main page you use a frameset with the definition
Hmm, what's this for ? Aren't you allowed to put all the sites on the ?
...just my thoughts...


Stephan M. Ott

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