Re: im so tired

by "David Wilkerson" <wilkman97(at)>

 Date:  Sat, 22 Aug 1998 17:11:43 -0400
 To:  <kathy(at)>,
"Carol Parent" <parent(at)>
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OK i will give it a go after the said red stuff and underlined words in

<img src="images/cbcoverpagelogosmaller.gif" alt="Daypage logo><!--webbot
        bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --></td>

Forgot the " at the end of the alt attribute

Another one:
<a href=""><font

you need to close each <strong> tag for every link with </strong>
Everyone of your strong tags does not have a closing one and Netscape sees
this as invalid code which causes this i think to be all underlined and red.

This is just a few things i saw that you should fix
Oh and all your image tags should have alt attributes for the viewers with
images turned off.

Hope this helps.


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