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>I submit that professionals may disagree on this point. It's kinda like
>asking a room full of French chefs to agree on the best recipe or
>preparation for Cock Au Vin. To each his own (and with 800x600 now the
>defacto standard, I say why punish the majority?)

This statement indicates a lack of understanding of the basic premise of
It also speaks of a lack of knowledge of stylesheets, more specifically
relative measurement.

>> A professional steps out of the
>> constraints of "MS Frontpage" using their knowledge of HTML, designs for
>> all resolutions.
>This is in no way a constraint of MS Front Page. Front Page will design for
>any resolution you choose to set up for.

The difference between your definition of professionalism and his lies in
the words "any" and "all".
I tend to agree with the former poster; "all" is better.

>> Consider fixing this and not just warning the viewer with a
>> disclaimer. Nobody adjusts to fit the site.
>Sure they do. All the time.

Perhaps. But you should not EXPECT viewers to do so.

>This is an impossibility. All attempts at doing so result in compromise.

Attempt using stylesheets instead.

>I have come to the view that "validation" is a highly over rated goal. I

Then you do not understand the purpose of validation. This is of course no
surprise; it follows from a basic lack of understanding of HTML.

>> 9. I notice on the FAQ page references to exactness of code and image
>> compression (speed of loading). Consider implementing these things.
>It's called "marketing."

"Marketing" means take a good idea and throw it out the window?
Ah, wait, I understand. If you throw it out the window, it might hit
somebody in the head; then they'll have heard about it. Marketing, very
effective ploy.

Ben Z. Tels

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