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by "Stephan M. Ott" <s.m.o(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 7 Aug 1998 02:02:01 +0200
 To:  "Allen Hohensee" <ahohensee(at)>
 Cc:  "HWG Critique- List" <hwg-critique(at)>
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Hi Allen.

Checked with IE 4.01
64 kB/sec. (DE-ISDN)
P233 MMX 64MB

Loaded fine though I had to wait for the MIDI to load.
Looks very nice, but some points are irritating:
The LE-counter. Is it necessary to use LE for countering a page ? I think it
would be better to use a "normal" counter, as I don't like LE or similar
links on the main page. But that's just IMHO.
Inserting a MIDI is normally a "_NO_NO_NO_" for webpages. When starting
Internet-biz I also started with this, but learned very quick it's not
liked. I suggest to leave this out.
BTW: What about the copyright for JMJ's music ? Do you really have the right
to put this onto your pages ? Seems like copyright-violation...
Java-applets are nice, but you should try to decrease the size. It took me
some time to get it started.

...just my 2 cents ...


Stephan M. Ott

Webpace-Providing / Webdesign

>Hello to all of the HWG members. I just recently joined up but I am
>still just trying the group out. I would consider it a good feeling if
>I could get some of you to go look at a site I have been working on
>for some time now. It is located at .

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