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Personally, I feel that the horizontal scroll at 640x480 is irrelevant, as
long as no information is hidden from the user (ie no text cut off, etc).
On my site, there is a title bar which stretches across the entire screen at
1024x768 because I feel it gives better continuity at all resolutions.
Otherwise, it is painfully obvious to those of us with higher resolutions
(and in general more aware of picky details like this) that the site is
mainly designed for a smaller screen.  In an age where 800x600 is very
standard, and the standard increasing all the time (monitors ARE getting
bigger), I don't think the average user is going to care if there is a
horizontal scroll bar.  It has been our experience that most users,
especially those still using 640x480, are rather blind to their internet
surroundings anyway.

That said, if it is obvious that you have to scroll to get all the
information off the page, it was badly designed... All in my opinion of

Mary Henderson
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>Dear Alan,
>Read your critique of Craig Hardings critique with much interest.
>> 1. For starters, as others have mentioned, your site gets the horrid
>> horizontal scroll at 640x480. This is not something that a professional
>> accepts as a design criterion.
>I submit that professionals may disagree on this point. It's kinda like
>asking a room full of French chefs to agree on the best recipe or
>preparation for Cock Au Vin. To each his own (and with 800x600 now the
>defacto standard, I say why punish the majority?)
>I have been on this list for about a month or so and for a novice in web
>design this has been a real learning experience. Mr. Hardings posts and
>critiques have always been extremely well thought out and illuminating. I
>realize that for pros like you it may be stating the obvious but for
>beginners like us its invaluable advise. I do not mean to offend.

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