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by "Gustaf & Andrea" <gustaf(at)tripnet.se>

 Date:  Mon, 10 Aug 1998 09:42:45 +0200
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Hi All

I have yojfully read different opinions on dark/black background with
light/white text. Ive made a commercial site to a theatre located in
Stockholm, Sweden. To make some kind of connection to the theatre room I
choosed to use black as background, with white text. On this site there is
allot to read about plays, authors e.t.c. All text are in Swedish though.

My opinion about text on screen is that all text are hard to read on screen
no matter colors. Most preferable is to have large text pages in Word or
Acrobat files that the user can download and printout for reading (and in
this case black text on white). As far as I see it the web is more a
graphical media than a reading media. To an extend Its more about
presentation and selling than long time reading.

Please have a look on http://www.teatergiljotin.com and tell me what you
think about it.

And maybe this list should convert to HTML format only, and all should have
to make there postings with white text on black.;-)

Remember some years ago then allot of the web turned black? Because of some
censorship law.

Also here in Sweden there allot of TV and film are in English all the
translation text stripes are white on black background, those you read
continuously throughout the film.

So my humble opinion is that this is all about different needs in different

Says Gustaf Grapengiesser

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