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by "susan banta" <sebanta(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 23 Aug 1998 10:27:01 PDT
 To:  hwg-critique(at),
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  On such a large site I think it would have helped if you had been
more specific about the things that bothered you and the other students. 
Deep in the site some of the really small text against that
greyish textured background is almost unreadable.  Some of the writing
is way too "cutsey" for a college. And the unfinished pages with the 
garish background and flashing under construction animations would be
better left off....... rather a nice white 404 page than that.
   How about asking more specific questions about the design? Overall
there are lots of little things to fix but I don't see anything that 
merits total redesign..... the navigation seems to be coming together
..... the pictures don't slow the loading...... guess I don't see what 
disturbs you about it.


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