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 Date:  Sat, 8 Aug 1998 16:52:03 EDT
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I agree with you whole heartedly on every single point you made in your latest
posted critique. Except for one point, that really doesn't have anything to do
with critique, but I feeled compelled to share:

<<. No medium in the world 
except the web uses light 
colored content text on
black backgrounds except the web. >>

Most of television and movie text is white or light letters on dark or black
background. Most television credits, advertising, movie credits, sports
scores, News programs' text content, and subtitles are all white on black (and
a good deal of print advertising, billboards, etc).
 It is designed for folks sitting 10 to 50 feet away from the viewed screen.
 This is not the issue with most computers, as the screen is generally close,
and the screens emanate differently... and it makes your eyes bug after a
short time. Dark on light is optimum for Web site design. 

If you're not an avid TV or movie watcher, it may be something you dont
Actually, if you need to design a site  that is optimised for WebTV, the light
(or bright!) on black is recomended, simply because the viewer is 10 -15 ft.
from the screen, among other things. Thats why those WebTV - ring sites look
the way they do.

Just a friendly observation and FYI,


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