Re: Black & White "debate"

by MnlghtRose(at)

 Date:  Wed, 12 Aug 1998 17:00:55 EDT
 To:  hwg-critique(at)
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I'm sorry, I had thought that the debate about black and white backgrounds was
over...... ::Shrugs:: I guess not.  Listen, I use different schemes on my
pages from plain colors, to tiled backgrounds, to borderset backgrounds.  I
even make my own tiles and bordersets.  I happen to think each and every page
apart of a site has its own personality and its own look.  The look is chosen
by the webdesigner.  If the public doesnt like it, they will say so and
depending on the ideas, thoughts, and suggestions given, the web designer
might take some and change things simply to please their viewers.  Most
professional sites would probably do that.  If someone didnt like something I
did with one of my pages, I'd not take offense to it, I'd ask what they think
I might try to improve it.  If I liked the idea, then I'd go ahead and use it.

Please people, do what YOU want to do with your sites and take suggestions you
think are a good idea, dont take ideas or suggestions from people who wish to
simply be rude.  I dont want any of the great designers out there leaving the
web simply because someone didnt like their creativity.  Each person on this
list has a mind of their own, they also have emotions.  Instead of being rude
and insensitive because someone used a few features you didnt like, tell them
what you thought was good and what they might consider changing.  Just because
one person doesnt like something done, doesnt mean other people wont like it

I've said my piece, let's hope this ends the black and white debate.


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