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 Date:  Wed, 05 Aug 1998 07:41:32 -0400
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At 05:30 AM 8/5/98 -0500, The Wise One!!! wrote:

(in reference to the most 'common' resolution of browser ... )

>Just because it's in a book doesn't necessarily make it right. I think the
>authors are just repeating it because that's what they read and learned in
>the past.

<poor segue and 'slightly' off-topic>

I thought I kept the post from the person that sent in the URL for the
'browser resizer' ... but, alas, I didn't!! 

Could someone tell me .... IF I change the resolutions in the resizer ...
and IF the pages look the same in all of them ... did I code correctly?? OR
... is it not working???

The reason I ask is ... at work (on Windoz 95) the resizer that I have
changes the print, etc., whereas the one that was posted the other day ...
well ... everything looks exactly the same! So ... I'm not sure if I did
something 'right' ... or 'wrong'!! :)

Monica and Dino

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