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 Date:  Thu, 06 Aug 1998 07:29:55 -0400
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At 10:36 PM 8/5/98 -0500, Tertius wrote:

>I'd appreciate any comments on a new site for Sooner Black & Tans Kennels.
>The URL is:

My 'first' concern jumped out at me in the very first column, Tertius, with
the following wording:

"every hound we use in our breeding program, male or female, must be able
to run and tree its own coon and do it in a manner expected of a quality
coon hound". 

Being a breeder (currently of Old English Mastiffs, previously of Great
Danes and Saint Bernards) the first thought that I had was that 'if' the
hound "cannot" do what it is bred to do ... it is put down. Now ... this
may 'not' be the case ... but is, to me, how it came across, which may or
may not be the case ... but is not, I don't think, a particularly
encouraging thought. Perhaps the wording could be changed to include what
happens to those puppies that do NOT pass their 'Cardinal Rule' ...
presuming, of course, that they are 'not' euthanised, but sold for less
money as 'not perfect', as is done in other breeds.

Pages loaded quickly on the Pentium 200, 14" monitor, Netscape 4.05, 33.6.,
however ... on the Dinosaur (Tandy 2500 SX/25, Net 2.01, 13" monitor, 31.4)
the main page took forever due to the almost 50K kennel graphic on the
front page.

A suggestion for the pedigrees of each of the dogs ....

I realise that the sire and dam is 'bold' ... but ... I would also suggest
that you shift the subsequent generations to the right in order to make the
'flow' more readable. You have shifted the 'great-grandparents' and it
would help if also the 'grandparents' were indented also. I know this isn't
easy ... and may result in a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen ... but
it does make a difference when a potentional bitch owner is trying to
figure out the lines.

I think you have done a great job ... although I DO question some of the
rules and regulations of the 'breeder' (i.e. notification within 65 days if
the breeding didn't take ... when gestation is 63 days). But ... that is
'their' problem, not yours! :) 

I particularly like the 'black and tan' background ... it fits well with
the breed!!


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