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by Alpha Witch <alpha1(at)>

 Date:  Sat, 15 Aug 1998 12:09:09 -0400
 To:  dpryan(at),
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At 04:07 PM 8/15/98 +0100, Diarmuid Ryan wrote:

>Could I please have some opinions.

Just a quick response, as I'm heading out the door!! :)

If you 'delete' the space between the end of your links, and the ">" you
will not get the little _ to the right of your link graphics!! HOWEVER ...
this seems to only be happening on Netscape 4.05 and not on Explorer 4.!!

Also .. the word 'contents', above the graphic links, is partially covered
.. both in Explorer and Netscape.

On first impression, front page ... looks good!! Will try to have another
... deeper ... look when I get home!! :)


***   A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose !!   ***

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