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 Date:  Sun, 16 Aug 1998 23:38:33 -0400
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At 10:48 PM 8/16/98 EDT, DNYCE15(at) wrote:

>Can you all please critique my genealogy site? It's located at

Greetings, Donna!!

Might I suggest that you put the link banners at the bottom of your pages
... or something <G> ... they took forever to load!! Nothing else seems to
load until after the banners!! :(

On the next page (through the picture :) in the second paragraph ... I
'think' you mean, "I don't look AT this as research" ... 

Speaking of the second page ... is it really necessary to repeat the
picture? Do you have a different one perhaps?

And .. on 'your' page .. the 'beulahb' graphic isn't working.

Plus .. it would be sooo much easier to move around your site if you put
link to 'all' of the pages on 'each' page .. perhaps near the bottom ... so
that people (like me :) don't have to keep going 'back' to the previous
page in order to go to the next one!

I didn't really have enough time to check out 'all' of your pages ... I
think you have really started out well .. and with a bit of 'tweaking' it
will be very informative to your current and future family!! :)

Monica (Net 4.05, P200MMX, 33.6)

***   A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose !!   ***

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