Critique request:

by David Gauer <gauer(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 09 Aug 1998 18:54:28 -0700
 To:  hwg-critique(at)
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Hello fellow HWG Critique members.  

I've been reading this list for quite some time.  I had alway intended on
submitting my own site to be picked apart but was never happy enough with
my design to tempt it.  Well, now I'm ready.  Bring it on and don't hold
anything back!

Yes, the rat was drawn by myself, so there are no copyright issues there.
Also, if you would like to traverse the Entertainment links as well, please
do.  They are also mine and I would appreciate any comments you might have
on them (especially the Movie Review site, though there are some sections
that are under heavy modification and work).

Thank you very much,

David Gauer

P.S.  I did validate the first page with W3C and will probably do the rest
at some point.

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