A Critique For AlterWorld (www.nacs.net/~adrock)

by David Gauer <gauer(at)ratfactor.com>

 Date:  Mon, 10 Aug 1998 14:25:48 -0700
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>AlterHouse BBS
>I submitted this before and after some re-work I am ready for
>more critiques..   so beat it up the best you can..
>then goto the bbs.. or  use these direct links
>http://www.nacs.net/~adrock/bbs/msg2.html  - frames
>http://www.nacs.net/~adrock/bbs/nf.html      - non frames

Hello, Adrock,

I'm afraid I didn't see your site before, so I don't know how far it's
come.  But I must say it's looking pretty darn good now.

You obviously like green on black - I do too.
Everything looked very clean and sharp.  I encountered no problems with any
links and successfully posted a message to your BBS (as Evil Dave).
I'd have to really nit-pick to come up with anything wrong.  If anything,
you might want to break that first navigation graphic into 7 seperate
pieces.  ...but at 21K, I didn't have any problem waiting for it.

In all, nice looking site, I'd really like to see it when you have all of
your content in place.

-David Gauer 

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