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 Date:  Sat, 15 Aug 1998 19:27:53 -0700
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>Please critique my site at:
>Please send a copy of the critique to: quantumdesigns(at)
>   (I don't always read the critique list posts)

Hello John, 

I'm going to take my chances and trust you'll bother to read the list now
that your site is up for critique.  :-)

1) Your 3-D rendered logo is very nice looking.  That's a cool font too.
This is purely subjective, but I wonder what the logo would look like if
you chopped the "Web Designs" part off, squished it a little bit, and then
stuck it under the word "Quantum".  It might look something like this:
Like I said, that's totally subjective.

2) Pop-Ups are to me what a waving muleta is to a bull.  But I guess you
have no control over that one.

3) The services page is nice.

4) There are a couple of <blink> tags on your "Pricing" page.  Probably not
a good idea.

5) All of the pages have a bgcolor of #ffffff.  However, since the
background image is black, I would change the bgcolor to #000000 so that it
will be less of a shock to the user and so that the white text will be
visible while the background image is still loading.

6) Another <blink> on the "Contact Us" page.

Well, that's about it.  I hope you will take my critique as just the
friendly advice that it was intended to be.

Best of luck,

David Gauer

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