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 Date:  Thu, 27 Aug 1998 03:08:55 -0700
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>I am new to HWG and this list. I would love some criticism on the first
>site I have designed - a commerical one -
>Being that I started this with no real previous experience it is
>targeted to look best on my machine and browser: 17" monitor, 1024
>resolution, Internet Explorer 4 browser. Another point that I would like
>to preempt a little is that the front page is lacking some graphics;
>something which I am waiting on. But please feel free to let fly the
>arrows...   :o)

No previous experience, you say?  Well it certainly doesn't show!

Very nice use of a black background.
I'll bet this will be real nice when/if you put in some dark and subtle

I noticed that the dark-turquoise word 'Provardis' on the Products page
changed font faces when I went to each of the product pages.  You might
want to stick with one font.  I personally like the sans-serif the most.

The "System Integration with third party products" and "Technical advice,
including TCP/IP networks and ISDN" links both turned up pages with no
content.  But I presume they are currently being built.

Really can't think of anything else.
Very nice site!

-David Gauer

Browsers: NN4.05, IE3.0
Modem: 57.6K
Monitor: 17"
Resolution: 1024x768
Machine: PII 400mhz 128MB

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