Re: Critique request:

by MnlghtRose(at)

 Date:  Mon, 10 Aug 1998 08:59:33 EDT
 To:  gauer(at),
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Ok, the rat is kind of cute... on with the critique.

First off, I noticed there arent any links back to the main page.. not all
people like hitting the back button to get back to where they started or to
get back to see another section of the site.  Might wish to add some nav.
buttons at the bottom of the screen, or since you like using columns, perhaps
the left side of the pages.

I also noticed that on the Movie ratings menu page, you made the columns
thin... you have plenty of space there, make use of it! It might help with
reading the columns as well.

Might want to run your page through a spell checker...  I know it's hard
sometimes and a pain to proofread all your pages, but it does really help, who
wants to read a page with errors?  

Let me know when it's been changed, if you take my nav bar suggestion. :)
I'd link to it.

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