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by Michael_Beane(at)umit.maine.edu (Michael Beane)

 Date:  Wed, 26 Aug 1998 06:30:11 -0400
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I love the topics lately <g>

Please critique this site:


I've been revamping the site from its old form and would like some
input before I head back to school.
I recently joined the HWG and have learned alot in the short time, but
I am far from where I want to be.  Tables are new to me (I was a frames
junky) and this is where I am at now in ability.

You can see the old site by following the 640x480 link there.  That
part of the site will be redone as soon as the main section is
finished, so please do not critique that section (you can posts laughs,
but no critiques <g>)

Things I am looking for:
1) Loading time (the banner will be getting downsized shortly...)
2) Alignment (I'm not running IE and am curious about the table
alignment in that neighborhood)
3) Appeal (Find a new font?  Kill the Incorporated to Inc?)


Mike Beane
"And the Number one top OXY-Moron
     01. Microsoft Works"

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