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 Date:  Mon, 31 Aug 1998 05:22:43 -0400
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Well, being ex-Navy myself, I already know how much Chiefs need to wet
their own whistles :-)

I liked that layout, nice "Navy Blue" background.  The images loaded
fairly quickly on 56k.
One thing I did notice on both IE4 and NN4 was that "carvedlogo1.gif"
and "chiefebossed.jpg" had a slightly off-white background that
appeared raised of the background.  Perhaps using an image editor and
make their backgrounds transparent would help?

"Chief's Laws"  looked oddly like "Murphy's Law of Combat" <g>

You asked to leave the wording alone, so I have...but some of the
phrases seem to fit a 30 year veteran :-)

Maybe just a little more about his rate (job) in the Navy?  I was
curious after reading through the page.

Send him a "BZ" on layout & look.  

Mike Beane
"And the Number one top OXY-Moron
     01. Microsoft Works"

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