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by Liam Quin <liam(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 24 May 2000 20:26:50 -0400
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Murray Altheim wrote:
> I have no particular 'love' of any organization, but they [Oasis] seem to be
> particularly-suited to promote bibliographic metadata, especially for
> things they already maintain such as DocBook.
Possibly; the Dublin Core group are good too, and are good people to
work with.  There was some splendid work done at those workshops.

> I think it should be a requirement that all Gutenberg marked-up
> texts contain a common bibliographic metadata block.
We have to remember that the texts are coming from PG, and have poor
provenance -- or at least, poorly documented provenance.  So there's a
limit to what can be done.

But I do agree that what can be done, should be done.

>> I'd want to use RDF and Dubiln Core if possible, and also the TEI header.
> I'm not enamored with RDF,
I'm sorry to hear that, perhaps you could email me privately to say
why? I don't want to waste everyone's time on the subject on the list
until we can agree with each other, or agree to disageree :-)

> As for being an OASIS member, if your company isn't already a member
> you can join for US$250.
I for one am not prepared (or able) to pay that much to join a mailing
list that will eat up already-precious time.  I will comment on and review
documents if it will help.  Of course, I'm not in a position to purchase
ISO standards right now either...



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