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VOLUNTEER: Deputy Computer Support Officer, Starbase Prometheus
Starbase Prometheus, the fastest-growing Star Trek gaming fan site on the 
Internet, is expanding its on-line operation with a new Computer Support 
Department. As a result, we have a vacancy for a Deputy Chief Computer Support

This officer's main duties would involve providing general technical support
staff members, as well as assisting in developments in overall site design and 
future special projects such as the development of a web-enabled database for 
the resources we hold. In this respect, anyone with experience in MySQL or 
similar would be given special consideration.

Candidates must have experience with HTML, CGI (preferably using Perl), Windows
3.x and 9x. Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and DHTML, as well as experience of NT
and MacOS platforms would be an advantage. Also essential is experience of Star
Trek games titles, for example Starship Creator or Birth of the Federation.

This position would be ideally suited to a young, committed Star Trek fan who 
wishes to develop their skills without the hassle of regular employment.
for Starbase Prometheus provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your 
skills and contribute to a growing online community.

To apply for this position, please download the application form from 
http://www.starbase-prometheus.org/main/staffjob.html and e-mail it to 
RADM_Jodrell(at)starbase-prometheus.org. Please include a covering letter.

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