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 Date:  Wed, 04 Aug 1999 14:26:32 -0500
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We are looking to fill 3-5 contracts for HTML coders. The 
specifications are as follows:

There will be a team of 7+ web developers working on the launch of an 
e-commerce site; the HTML producers need the following experience:

-experience working in an application server environment 
-a general understanding of how HTML is integrated with an application 
server language; for instance, someone who has worked with CFML before 
and modified CFM templates would be great. 
-excellent HTML skills, tables and frames a must! 
-some experience with JavaScript 
-able to hand code HTML 
-must be able to use either Homesite or BBEdit 
-knowledge of some UNIX commands, or the interest and ability to learn it

It will run from mid-August until October; individuals will be working with 
a dynamic team in a great progressive environment, located near Union Square 
in San Francisco. We are looking at a pay rate of $25+/hr. 
Please send your resume and any questions to james.collins(at)

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