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Assignment Information 
Project Location: AZ 
Project Name: IBL Web Development 
Desired Start Date: 07/27/1999 
Length of Engagement: 3 Months 
Shift: 01 
Primary Skill: Active Server Pages 

Roles & Responsibilities:

This person will be developing Web Pages to be put on the IBL (for external
customers) to enter information into a database, and return authorization
numbers. These pages have already been spec'd, and they will be working
with a team that has a complete understanding of customer 

This application will also contain several reports to extract data from the
database for the customer. This person will not be writing the database
stored procedures, or be responsible for any of the back end work, however
a good working knowledge of MS SQL is required to tie the web pages to the
database stored procedures.

This person needs to have the following Web development skills: 
Java Script 
as well as working with databases (MS SQL) from the web. 
Any prior experience with Intel web development, especially IBL, is a big

Ted Weis 
PROTOCOL Technology Partners 
(480) 563-5405 
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