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Sr. Technical Writer 
Location: Mountain View, CA

The Sun/Netscape Alliance is presently seeking a Senior Technical Writer 
to plan, research, and develop hard copy and online documentation for 
E-Commerce applications. Responsibilities also include: Create 
appropriate support tools, such as schedules, documentation plans and 
drafts for review; and Develop and verify procedural information by 
working with QA and developers, in addition to working hands-on with the 

BA in English or equivalent with at least 5+ years of writing manuals 
targeted towards a technical audience, including systems administrators 
and in-house professional consultants. In addition to proven writing 
skills, must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills. 
Must have experience using FrameMaker and Acrobat, as well as HTML. 
UNIX is also a must. 

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit their resume 

Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
Attn: Linda Ellis 
901 San Antonio Road 
M/S MPK16-207 
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Email: linda.ellis(at)sun.com 
FAX: (650) 786-9556


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