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Senior Software Engineer

My client company has an opening for an experienced software engineer with a=
growing insurance company in San Diego, CA. The description and=20
requirements of this opportunity are listed below.

Bachelor=92s or Master=92s Degree in technical or business discipline or=20
equivalent experience; technical degree preferred.

A minimum of 5 years of software development experience. Most important=20
skills are Visual Basic, and MS SQL Server. Should have some experience=20
with some or all of the following: HTML, ColdFusion, ASP, EDI. Insurance=20
experience preferred.

Internet/Intranet development. Member of a small team, and will be involved=
with site architecture.

50,000 =AD 72,000 per year. Standard medical/dental/401k benefits.

Please send your resume and confidential salary information to:

Thomas Long=20
P&E Search, Inc.=20
7710 Balboa Avenue. Suite 223-B=20
San Diego, CA. 92111=20
Ph# (619)495-0025, Fax# (619)495-0808=20
Email - tomlong(at)cts.com

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