F/TIME: Application/Enterprise Developer Content Architect - Santa Ana, CA

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LOCATION: Santa Ana, CA 
Full time not contract. No sponsorship being offered. 
SALARY: depending on experience.

Application/Enterprise Developer Content Architect


? Experience in Internet technology (client/server-side scripting 
language experience). 
? 4 year degree or Internet cerifications (Sun Java, MCSD or other 
applicable certifications) or equivalent experience. 
? At least 3 years professional course development/writing experience.
General Duties and Responsibilities 
? Research, develop and write exercise-driven Internet courseware. 
? This person has a rich expertise in Internet Technology (developer 
client/server-side scripting language experience as well as Enterprise 
experience) and a proven track-record writing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

? Develop course outlines, narrative text, exercise-driven courseware; 
including labs, set-up, appendixes and any other additional materials to 
complete internal and external development projects. 
? Develop courseware using their development tools (MS Word). 
? Develop, map and align course objectives with course content 
(narrative and exercises) and exam questions to ensure validation of 
objectives from courseware to exams. 
? Research subject matter and independently write accurate, up-to-date 
Internet technology curriculum using their development tools and 
? Consistently communicate development progress with Content Team and 
other internal/external developers. 
? Set and maintain a realistic time-schedule for course development 

Pati Franklin, Sr. Recruiter 
Avondale Search International, Inc. 
4651 Salisbury Road, Suite 295 
Jacksonville, Florida 32256 USA 
Tel: 904-296-2344 ext. 102 
Fax: 904-296-6478 
Email: patif(at)bellsouth.net 

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