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HTML Writers Guild:

This a posting for a full time Chief Technology Officer and Webmaster for a 
new Internet start-up company. The name of the company is Colonial Ventures 
and the current principals are Adam Brodsky and Ari Raivetz. I am located 
in Washington, DC and Adam is located in Providence, RI. The company is a 
registered C-Corporation in the state of Maryland.

We have a dynamic internet business model that we have been working on for a 
couple of months. We have developed a business plan and are in the process 
of presenting it to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. We have 
various connections to individuals in this field and we do not anticipate a 
problem in receiving funding.


We are in desperate need of a web designer and CTO to help us bring this 
idea to life. The web site will preferably run on Sun Solaris servers and 
use Oracle as the database on the backend. It will require knowledge of 
java and java script. No true graphic design skills are necessary, although 
they are a plus. We just need someone who can "bring the site to the life" 
and make it functional. Experience in e-commerce systems is preferred.
The finished product will be an online auction site so any experience with 
this type of module is strongly desired.

I look forward to speaking with an individual who is looking to be
motivated and excited and is ready to commit themselves to becoming a part
of something very big.

Ari Raivetz
Day 703 725 9586 
Evening 703 248 9586

Adam Brodsky
Day 401 944 0002 

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