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The US Chess Federation (www.uschess.org) is seeking a Webmaster for its 
New Windsor office. This person will be a fulltime staff employee and must 
work onsite in the New Windsor building. The USCF is a not-for-profit 
organization with approximately 80,000 members. 

For more information on positions available, see www.uschess.org/jobs.html


Assist content specialists on the USCF staff in preparation of material for 
Webpublishing. This may include training staff in the Webpublishing options 
of Office and FrontPage or with other Webpublishing software. It may also 
include working with the creative staff to convert graphics into Web formats. 

Support the inhouse e-mail system which currently is a MicroSoft Outlook 

Prepare original content for the USCF website based on USCF materials. 

Minimum browser level for the site is AOL 3.0, IE 3.02, and NS 3.x Because 
of the number of viewers signing on from schools and/or with older 
equipment, pages must be viewable without Java or Javascript, although 
these can be used optionally to enhance the experience. Our service 
audiences include the blind, so the use of frames is discouraged except for 
graphical displays like diagrams. Since this site is used as a daily 
reference by many, maximum page file size is 80k, including all java 
applets, except for downloadable archive files identified with file sizes. 
Since members print so many of the pages as references, the site is 
designed to 640 x 480 resolution. 

Skills required:

CGI in a UNIX environment 
Excel (used to create imput files for online store and reference areas) 
A graphics editing package like Paintshop, Photoshop, or Image Composer 
Some Java 
some database to Web in a Unix environment 
Graphics design skills are a plus, but not required 
Chess knowledge 

Please send your resume to: USCF Executive Director Michael Cavallo, 3054 
NYS Rt. 9W, New Windsor, NY 12553 or e-mail it directly tocavallo(at)uschess.org .

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