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The US Chess Federation ( is a not-for-profit organization 
with approximately 80,000 members. The main office is in New Windsor, NY.
We are seeking a maintenance contract with a Web support services company 
to provide: 

Regular monthly and weekly update schedules, as well as emergency daily 
Copyediting of original material provided by USCF staff and volunteers; 
Web support services, including, but not limited to: 
HTML, Java, CGI in a UNIX environment; 
Management of files and directories via FTP; 
Support of an online store with approximately 2000 items in 10 categories. 
(The current store is build using Mercantec, but alternatives will be 
considered as long as they support Secure transactions, searches, 
forms within the store, ordering of multiple items per page, and 
persistent carts across sessions.) 
Database to Web skills preferable. Much of the information for future 
development will be in searchable archives with hundreds of 
thousands of individual records; 
Graphics creation for banners, buttons and icons. 

Minimum browser level for the USCF website is AOL 3.0, IE 3.02, and NS 3.x 
Because of the number of members signing on from schools and/or with older 
equipment, pages must be viewable without Java or Javascript, although 
these can be used optionally to enhance the experience. Our service 
audiences include the blind, so the use of frames is discouraged except for 
graphical displays like diagrams. Since our site is used as a daily 
reference by many, maximum page file size is 80k, including all java 
applets, except for downloadable archive files identified with file sizes. 
Since members print so many of the pages as references, the site is 
designed to 640 x 480 resolution. 

Content is normally provided by the USCF staff and volunteers in Word 
files, Excel spreadsheets, .jpgs and .gifs, and .txt files. Some areas, 
such as the club directories, are provided in HTML format, but need to be 
combined with headers and footers. 

In addition:

Web services staff should include at least one chessplayer who would be 
able to provide weekly highlights chess news column; assist with various 
chess feature areas as well as provide support when simulcasting chess 
events on our website. 

The Web support firm does not have to be located in New Windsor, but 
preference may be given to companies that can be available from time to 
time for local meetings and to work with inhouse staff. Please indicate 
your project management plan in your bid.

Please send your resume/bid to: USCF Executive Director Michael Cavallo, 
3054 NYS Rt. 9W, New Windsor, NY 12553 or e-mail it directly to 

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