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 Date:  Tue, 21 Sep 1999 08:39:42 -0500
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Silicon Valley E-commerce start-up is looking for a part-time SENIOR WEB
in/or the ability to, design innovative web pages, liaison with programmers and
product specific consultants. San Francisco Bay Area residents preferred, but
not essential, as weekly meetings are involved.
Part-time, because all of us involved have full time jobs and because in
exchange for your time, talent and creativity, the compensation is stock only.
Interested parties should be prepared to sign a Confidential Disclosure before
we tell all. 

Ability, talent and willingness to commit to project from start to finish more
important than work experience. Possibility of leading to full-time highly paid
employment, in addition to stock, in the very near future. You need to be able
to put in at least 6-10 hours per week to start. To find out more, please
contact via Email: uskiwi(at)home.com
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