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Site to be maintained: plus various sub-sites 

Department: Marketing 

Reports to (Name/Title): Jeff McLoughlin, Webmaster 

Location: Santa Barbara, CA (Can be remote)

Responsibilities of Position:

Perform www site development and maintenance on the corporate
Internet site as well as on various "micro-sites" developed for both marketing
and information purposes. This contract position will allow you to work
either on your own equipment or onsite to perform web content development.
Hours will vary between 10-20 per week and are flexible with the ability to
work around a school schedule.

Key Success Factors:

Maintain and update existing sites with tight, tested, error free html in a
time sensitive manner. Must effectively prioritize incoming update/addition
requests to sites on time/urgency basis. Hours are flexible but you must be
able to consistently meet delivery date commitments.

Attributes and Skills desired:

Knowledge and experience as a web site content developer. 
Moderate experience with a variety of web technologies, primarily HTML but with
a working knowledge of JavaScript, CGI, perl, etc. Knowledge of ASP and
database delivery of web content is a big plus. 
Knowledge and experience with WYSIWYG web authoring software and graphic tools
for web content creation.

Experience and Education desired:

1--2 years experience with web content development. 
Must provide URL's of content developed and brief statement of your exact
involvement in the development of those pages.

Send resume and links via e-mail to jeff.mcloughlin(at)

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