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by "Judith C. Kallos" <webmaster(at)theistudio.com>

 Date:  Wed, 29 Sep 1999 17:08:06 -0500
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***(U.S. Citizenship or U.S. Permant Residents Applicants ONLY!) 
Full-Time/Permanent Position that requires a webmaster to be on-site at 
the company location in Austin,TX.****

Webmaster, Web Design, HTML, JavaScript, Pre-IPO, Austin, TX

This young start up has proved that its Internet-based approach to 
technical support has made it the hottest Pre-IPO company in Austin. 
Great opportunity to work in an evironment that uses technologies such 
as Java/JavaVM, C++, XML, XSL, Swing, Servlets, HTML, Internet Security, 
Browsers, ActiveX, Win32, and more. Work in an evironment where you can
learn from others who have a great depth of skill and a true passion for
their work. This Pre-IPO company needs a top-notch Webmaster who can 
build and publish Web sites from source code control systems and develop
scripts with JavaScript and /or Pearl. 

Responsiblities include Web site administration, Web site management, and
verification of Web-content, navigation, links, and scripts, etc.. The Web
Master will also develop tools to automate the process.

-3+ years of Web design and development experience. 
-Extensive knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, IIS and/or SuiteSpot. 
-Thorough understanding of Web-based product cycles. 
-Proven experience developing Web sites with interactive componentry. 
-Web site performance monitoring, tracking and tuning expertise. 
-Knowledge of Web site layout, testing and building. 
-Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

Salary: Depends on skill level.

Open to relocation.

(If interested please send resume via e-mail to yvette(at)riccione.com.)

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