F/TIME: Advanced HTML Developer - Dallas, TX

by "Judith C. Kallos" <webmaster(at)theistudio.com>

 Date:  Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:28:36 -0500
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i.con is a full service internet and multimedia design firm focusing on the 
corporate market.

We develop high end solutions for clients who are serious about new media. 
Our experience in delivering successful solutions for our clients has made 
i.con a premier national provider of highly technical, highly creative 

We have developed graphical interfaces used in over 28 countries by EDS, 
produced complex virtual reality sales tools for Xerox, published two major 
league sports team's web sites, developed the first and most advanced 
marketing CD-ROM using virtual reality and continue to maintain solid long 
term client relations

We are looking for an experienced advanced HTML developer. Use today's 
latest development tools to create highly creative and hightly technical web 
sites for corporate communications, marketing and sales. Tools you will use: 
HTML editors, DHTML, Dreamweaver, web/email/ftp server software, HTML forms, 
HTML to SQL middle-ware, Javascript, Director, Shockwave, Flash, Quicktime 
VR development tools, RealAudio audio streaming, etc.

Candidate must be legally authorized to work in the US, and the candidate
must be located in Dallas.

To apply to this position, fax or email your resume to Julie Marsh at 
214-800-4265 or jmarsh(at)iconinteractive.com.

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