P/TIME: Web Designer/Graphic Artist - Brooklyn, NY

by "Judith C. Kallos" <webmaster(at)theistudio.com>

 Date:  Wed, 18 Aug 1999 11:59:31 -0500
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Entry-Level Webpage Designer/Graphic Artist needed for a Brooklyn, New York
based Company.

Our company is growing and we are currently looking for an Entry-level
WebPage Designer/Graphic artist located in New York to work on a Part-time
basis which will become Full-time with the following qualifications:

Webpage Designer, HTML, Java, Flash, E-commerce, Forms, Internet Banners,
Counters, Graphic Artist who can be creative, innovative with ideas to do
Newsletters, Brochures, Magazines, Flyers, plus many more graphic designs.
If you possess such qualifications, please call Charmian @ 718-467-4133 or 
e-mail me @: cshernande(at)aol.com

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