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by Keith Purtell <kpurtell(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 16 Feb 2000 18:25:41 -0600
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> > We host several sites as "virtual servers," and each one
> > must have a BASE HREF tag in the head of the index
> > document.
> Why do they need a base href tag?  This doesn't have anything
> to do with virtual servers, or even virtual hosting for that
> matter.

In the case of several versions of Netscape Enterprise 2.x, it is a
requirement. I've double-checked Netscape's docs. I'll agree if I may change
your wording to "SHOULDN'T have anything to do ..."

> > My problem is that this system disables the Back
> > button on browsers. Is there a JavaScript that
> > will store
> What browsers? What operating system? base href does not
> disable the back button on MS Windows-based Internet
> Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

It does this (in my tests) with the IE5 and NN4.7 for Windows, and NN4.7 for
Mac. Here's a URL if you'd like to try it ...

Keith Purtell, Web Designer
VantageMed Corporation

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