Re: Creating & Managing Portals

by "Nasser Dassi" <nd264(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 14 Feb 2000 13:13:10 -0500
 To:  <hwg-languages(at)>
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Jasmeet, and everyone else,
  This seems like a hefty bit of research to lay upon a discussion group of
programming LANGUAGES, eh?  It seems to me that the languages list is not
appropriate for this research project... also, it would be asking our free
advice as a legitimate consulting resource.
  Also, considering the critiquing idea, i'm sure the critique discussion is
more appropriate, too.

  I apologize for the rudeness, but I hate to see inappropriate discussion
on the list... and to have the kindness of programmers and developers being
abused for your conservation of time.

 But to offer an answer to all your questions, I suggest doing research at They provide many technical articles in various perspectives.

Peace out,
from a digerati and software-and-internet programmer/developer


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