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The page is modified on request with SSI so the last modified is always now,
yo will need to use an include to get the correct date of the file before

<!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED"-->

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> --- Mailing List Account <ml(at)> wrote:
> > Check your web server--that is where the problem
> > resides.
> I remember now that when I set Apache to use server
> side includes all my javascript dates went wacko.
> I changed them all over to
> <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED --> which gives the
> correct date. Any ideas on why activating SSI changes
> how/whether javascript sees the date?
> >
> > If you want, you can use this tool to display the
> > HTTP header sent by your
> > web server:
> >  Just
> > enter your URL
> I'm behind a firewall so this can't find me. :(
> (Are they really using Apache 1.2.6? I thought I
> was the only one that was that far behind the times.)
> Terry
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