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by "Nik Krimm" <nik.biz(at)krimm.net>

 Date:  Fri, 20 Oct 2000 12:14:11 -0500
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I am working on a site where the client has requested a small pop-up window
to appear at the user's request for help.

<script 1>
function popWin(page){
var adr = "/ourservices/solutions/help/" + page + ".html";
var w =
Common = window.open(adr, "Help", w);
<end script 1>

So far so good:  Now they want a link inside this pop-up to extensive help,
a full sized page.  The main page is still to be open, but now the pop-up
(with the new content) should cover the entire screen.    Ideally, I'd like
to work within this pop-up (pop-up one), rather than closing pop-up one and
opening pop-up two.

When I run the script below, it opens the content correctly into pop-up one,
but does not change the size or attributes of the window.  Am I barking up
an empty tree, or am I just doing this wrong?   Any help appreciated.

<script 2>
function HelpWin()
var w =
Common = window.open("/care/help/index.jsp", "Help", w);
</script 2>

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