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by "Jasmeet Singh" <embrocia(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 14 Feb 2000 10:52:49 +0530
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Our company has just started the work on a health portal website and it is
going to be heavy on information, though we have created a lot of websites
they were generally small in nature i.e. less than 50 - 60 pages.

I will really appreciate it you can share your views & ideas with me. What I
am looking for is follows :

1. What is the kind of software that we should keep handy to create a
Portal. We are starting of with FP2000 for normal HTML development and using
MS-SQL for the database part with ASP programming

2. The url's of sites or articles on the net that provide information & tips
on creating Portals

3. If there are any Critique sites where you can submit you site and ask for
opinions of others on Information Design, Site Design, site performance etc.

4. Besides relevant information on the subject the essentials of a Portals
include :
Site Search
Message / Discussion Board
Mailing List

please, let me know of any other features that can be included.

5. What are the most common banner / advertisement sizes and how do we go
about keeping track as to how many visitors are going to the advertised site
from our site.

The site is available at please, feel free to
visit the site and let me know of your comments / suggestions, but please
note that the site is under construction and some sections are unavailable.

Jasmeet Singh

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