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There is really only one book to recommend, Wrox Press' Professional PHP
( It covers areas like Database handling including mySQL, but its
real killer feature is the stuff about XML in PHP.

There is another book::
PHP Pocket Reference
By Rasmus Lerdorf
1st Edition January 2000
120 pages, $9.95

(Note: This book covers PHP3 not 4)

The PHP docs are by themselves excellent, and if it is just simple DB
connectivity you are after, the docs should do.

This is a good tutorial from webmonkey:

Infact I learnt PHP in 24 hours, seriously! All you need to know is C [ +
Perl ] and a knowledge of how these serverside languages work.

For the database bit you need to know SQL, and how to set up ODBC. The PHP
docs are excellent, they teach you all the syntax, and the database
functions are a breeze. However the documentation can sometimes leave you
wondering, and for those occasions there is the PHP general list,
(php-general-subscribe(at) which is very active and has some big
names on it.

PHP Faq -

Ofcourse I also recommend the following websites it's an export of my
The bookmark can be found at

There is also a comprehensive review of PHP books on one of the sites on my
bookmark, I can't remember which.

P.S. You can import the bookmark file into your IE or Netscape bookmarks.

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> Hi all,
> Could someone recommend a good book for PHP (available in
> the UK), especially in relation to databases (MySQL?).  I'm already
> a competant programmer (in Java and Ada 95), so I don't need a
> *really* basic book, but a comprehensive one would be nice.
> Thanks,
> Raj.
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