Re: attaching background images to email

by "Joshua Graham" <JoshuaGraham(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 3 Feb 2000 20:02:02 +1100
 To:  "Mike Eovino" <meovino(at)>,
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It doesn't actually have to be a message in HTML format. For instance,
Outlook Express will show such images following any text by virtue of
multi-part MIME. For those of us using non-HTML capable email, welcome to
the 90's!

<tongue position="cheek">Fortunately I've been spared an image creating
havoc (as implied by Harold's email) with my system because of the mail
reader showing it for convenience. As for creating havoc with my home life,
that another story... ;-]</tongue>

Save computing.

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> It's done by sending e-mail in HTML format, and technically the graphic
> is an attachment.  This only works when the recipient has a mail reader
> will read HTML e-mail (like Outlook Express).  It will not look good in
> other mail readers.
> Mike E.

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