Previous question about "Premature end of script headers".

by "Mary Alward" <maryalward(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 12 Oct 2000 17:45:05 -0700
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UntitledI asked a question last month about  a perl cgi error "Premature end
of script  headers".  While I received  good advice from some of you,
nothing resolved the problem.  I thought you might be interested in  the

I thought my code was correct, and it ran on Perl Builder  with debugger
with no errors, so I took out sections of code and retested to try to pin
point the offending code.  I eventually had no code left, just an empty file
that didn't do anything.  Same error.

Because this was a recent transfer to this new host, I suspected they may
have set up my site incorrectly, so I firmly asked them to check this.  Sure
enough, their reply was "it had something to do with permissions".  I wish
they had admitted their mistake -- that the permissions were for one of
their folders referencing my site, not one of my cgi files.   They made the
fix and did not tell me how to do it.

While I was web-searching for this error, I saw 1 or 2 mentions of "invalid
permissions" causing this error, but dismissed it thinking it referred to
permissions on the cgi file (which cause an internal error not this error).

Thank to those who responded.  I really appreciate it.
Mary Alward

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