Re: Linux/PHP/MySQL advantages over WinNT/ASP/MSSQL?

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Subject: Linux/PHP/MySQL advantages over WinNT/ASP/MSSQL?

> What are the advantages of Linux/PHP/MySQL/Apache over WinNT/ASP/MSSQL?
> The things that are really important:
> 1. Speed
> 2. Reliability (the server has to be up 7/24/365)

As a general rule, a minimalist install of Linux and server software will
run much faster than WinNT and be able to serve many more websites and
viewers.  I understand there are WinNT types that are able to optimize it to
perform quite well, but have yet to run across one of these mythical

Personal experiences show me that my Linux box ( Suse Linux 6.1 ) runs for
months at a time while I often reboot my 95 or 98 PC several times a day
because of instability caused by memory problems. Having worked at a Linux
based ISP ( Slackware ) I know that it is much more reliable. Every host
company I have interviewed has quoted times in the 99.x range so many of
them are obviously lying.

All that is fine, but the features of the respective OS'es have a lot to do
with which one you might pick.  MS is not stupid and created a rich
environment for developing for the web while the Unix world is more cerebral
and offers a less intergrated group of applications that evolved over many
years.  Do you want stability or do you want a feature rich developement

As far as features, that's probably bigger than an email but our own HWG
website does offer some insite at

Paul Wilson

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