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Subject: Drop down menu's and forms

> Hi all,
> One of the joys of working for a larger new media agency as I do is the
> designers make designs and slip them to the client without me always
> them first.
> This has recently happened and I'm now expected to build a JavaScript drop
> down menu (not too hard), which works in as many browsers as possible (a
> harder, but not rocket science) and sits 3 lines above a form with a
> Now there are 'issues' with this set-up, because both the menu layer and
> select box have rights to overlay other page content, but the select box
> the daddy and some of your menu options disappear behind the select box.
> Does anyone know of a good, well sorted script which will do drop down
> which work over select boxes cross platform (we've managed one which works
> in Netscape PC and another IE PC, but not both by placing the select box
> a layer and hiding that when the menu's are displayed, let alone macs!)
> Sadly I've got a tight deadline, no time to play and the sort of hangover
> you only get from a company/client party with 20k behind the bar!
> Thanks for anyone who can help.
> Yours in pain,
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